Who is this guy?

Sometimes i have a really cool job

Sometimes i have a really cool job

Even when i get my 30 year pin, i'm still the official photographer

Even when i get my 30 year pin, i’m still the official photographer

I’m a new arrival in Perquimans County, ok, it’s been almost 20 years but by local standards, I’m a fresh face.

But I love this town. When the sheriff’s car pulled up to my house at 10:00PM one evening 15years ago to return my wallet that someone had found, I knew that this is where I want to live.

I have spent a big chunk of my adult life promoting the US Coast Guard and its people. Self promotion has never been my thing.

But I have, over the years, developed a knack for getting along with people even when we disagree. I’ve spent a lot of time working with smart people to solve complex problems.

The problems facing our schools are very complicated. Resources are limited. Raleigh is in a cage match over our funding while our teachers get by on last year’s money.

Going forward we need people who can find solutions to complex problems.

I think I can be that guy.

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