Every Single One –

There is a motto trending in public education  and we use it here in Perquimans;

“Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day.”

So what does it mean and who does it apply to ?

I think it applies to EVERYONE in this  County.

If this is a great place to live (and it is), then it must have great schools.

And to have great schools we must  all have skin in the game.

Someone a lot smarter than me unpacked the motto a bit more;

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day.

Every Child – the Gifted One

Every Child – the EC One

Every Child – the Trauma Impacted One

Every Child – The Spanish Speaking One

Every Child – The Poor One

Every Child – the Black One

Every Teacher engaged in Teaching Every Child to their student’s greatest potential.

But it’s more just the teachers.  It’s everyone. It’s the bus drivers  rolling out of Central School at 0550 every morning so they can pick up children at the far end of the county.

It’s the custodians who keep our schools immaculate 185 days a year.   And then spend the summer stripping and waxing the floors to get ready for the next year.

It’s the amazing food service workers who turn out remarkably good meals on a razor thin budget.

It’s  the deputies who manage the safe loading and unloading of 1400 children every day.

And it’s the rest of us buying stuff we don’t  need from school fundraisers and not only stopping for the school, but checking our mirror to see that everyone else does.

I’m running for school board because I want to help equip all of these people with the tools they need to help all of our children thrive EVERY DAY

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